MIC 2020

Preliminary Night: 7 May 2021

Venue: Y Studio, 1/F Youth Square, Chai Wan (Google Map)



Finals: T.B.C.

Venue: T.B.C.


Revenge, it happens to be a word that majority of the Hong Kongers felt familiar with for the past years. With the theme of Revenge, Canton Mic would bounce back before the end of 2020.

Canton Mic Rap Battle has been a historic activity, witnessing the development of the Hong Kong Hip Hop scene from time to time, looking back in the year of 2017 and 2019, there were artists such as Novel Fla$h and JB running the show and now, they are well known local stars.

2020, it’s the year for revenge, fans stay tuned and ready for the bounce back!

**Please be aware those under the age of 18 are not allowed to enter the venue.**


復仇,這個相信各香港樂迷都不會感陌生的詞彙,各位Battle MC 的新仇舊恨於2020年決鬥場上,覆桌再戰!

Canton Mic Rap Battle 自2010年起見證著Hip Hop 音樂在香港的發展。2012年舉辦的Canton Mic Rap Battle 讓更多人認識Hip Hop 音樂當中的Battle 文化。

Rap Battle 活動伸延至及後的《Art of Rap Battle 2016》、《Canton Mic 2017》,以及去年以決鬥為題的《Canton Mic Rap Battle 2019》讓樂迷認識到一眾新生代MC。

2020年,Canton Mic 將以復仇為題回歸,好讓樂迷再次投入Hip Hop 音樂 與Rap Battle 的刺熱氣氛之中。


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Preliminary + Final Night Combo Pass $450.00

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